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CS432 - Network Security Course Project

Imagine that I was hired by XSecure, a great cyber security company, to design a secure file-sharing application. The company wants the software to encrypt the file and send it over the internet using both symmetric and asymmetric key approaches. Using what I have learned from the CS432 course to implement an AES encryption/decryption first, then use RSA to encrypt/decrypt the symmetric key. My application should abide by the following specifications:

1. A GUI application where a user has to log in with a username and password. Your application must store the password securely.

2. Your application has different menus for different operations

3. Each user generates a pair of a private and public keys. Publish the public key and keep the private key a secret.

4. Generate a symmetric key to use in the encryption of the file using AES.

5. Use the RSA algorithm to encrypt the symmetric key used in step 2 using the receiver’s public key.

6. The receiver uses its own private key to decrypt the symmetric key and then uses that symmetric key to decrypt the file.

7. The private key must be stored securely in a protected file.

So, as specialized cyber security, this is my work application for that great cyber security company :)

CS432 Course Project -Laila M. Alahaideb
Download PDF • 381KB

<<Some day I will implement it in my GitHub account...>>

If you want any help with your project DON'T hesitate and contact me.

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