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The most interesting Technology

Quantum computer

When I say quantum what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Your answer will show your major or your era of interest, quantum theory has been applied in many fields, starting from physic theory to mathematical equations to improve the capabilities in many areas. And as a tech person and before I get to Quantum computing, What is Quantum theory?

It is a theory that describes and explains the behavior of matter and energy on both levels: atomic and subatomic. And it’s from the form of modern physic and involves several eras such as in tech with quantum computing, quantum cloud, and quantum cryptography.

A close-up view of the IBM Q quantum computer.

In the Computer Science area, the application of quantum theory is known as quantum computing. At the subatomic level the electrons, photons, and ions particles according to quantum bits (qubits), these particles can exist in multiple states at once, simultaneously in 0 and 1 states. When the qubits are connected irrevocably the scientists use the interference between their wave-like quantum states to speed up operations would typically take millions of years, and imagine with more and more qubits! a system with more qubits representing a 2^qubits of quantum superposition, the multiple states will exponentially make it quicker to solve complex problems.

Quantum superposition term is the ability to overlap and exists in multiple states at once, by superposing the wave to create a new wave with a combination of its components, and this is how qubits maintain multiple states simultaneously.

Therefore, quantum parallelism is the speed-up source in quantum computation, in way of pressing multiple states simultaneously at once, the quantum computer can in parallel using one single CPU, process uncountable operations.

In addition of process uncountable operations at once, the quantum computer has changed the landscape of security, the most popular RSA encryption algorithm in cryptosystem was created to exploit quantum parallelism, RSA encryption is a public key cryptosystem that’s widely used to secure data transition, the encryption could be a break in seconds using the quantum computer by simulates every possible states, and can result in extremely dense connections and better error detection and correction. This science of using quantum parallelism to accomplish cryptographic operations is known as quantum cryptography.


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